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After 25+ yrs, I'm retiring & liquidating my entire booth & contents.  Flourish canopy with 2 awnings, 10 Flourish mesh carrying bags, full interior lighting kit w/marine battery, 100' of HD exterior extension cords just in case the show provides power, high-back directors chairs, plastic encased concrete weights, 12 Pro-Panels in grey, 3 overhead stabilizers for Pro-Panels, dzn's of spare feet & top clips for Pro-Panels, solid metal hangers plus an extra set of chain hangers, 2nd spare set of Graphic Display panels, 13 pieces total, 3 overhead stabilizer bars, hanging print rack, extra box of spare hardware.  100's of bungee cords & extra hdwe.  Additionally, 50 HD molded plastic weather proof & padded bags for transporting artwork in sizes up to 36X44. Each bag fully encloses your artwork & has a divider so you can put 2 pieces in each.  They keep your artwork clean, damage-free & dry during transport. These bags alone cost $2500. 


I have every single item needed to professionally display you artwork at any outdoor fair.  Everything is of the highest quality & nothing is damaged.  The only thing needed is your artwork.  Pictures upon request.


Will help deliver within 250 miles of Chicago.

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I'm interested in the artwork carry / transport bags. Can you send pictures, more description and price?

Sorry for the delayed response, I've had some tech issues the past few days. The bags are HD molded plastic, stitched on the bottom & both sides, foam dividers, padded inside, plus cut out /molded handles. These were originally something a buddy was going to manufacture & market, but he couldn't get funding for mass production. They're truly 1st class & we get never-ending compliments at every show. It was a shame they never made it to the field. I'm going to keep a few for transporting artwork back & forth to galleries but have 40-42 to sell. Trust me, you'll get them for a fraction of the true prototype cost. I'll be back in Chicago Sat & will send you pics then.
Hi Larry, any chance I could text you some pics of the transport bags? If so plz send your #, mine is (574)584-6105

I'm interested in the pro panels and the overhead stabilizers and hangers. I also would be interested in the lighting kit w/battery. Could you please send me photos and price.

Thank you

Sorry for the delayed response, I've had tech issues the past few days. I'll be back in Chicago Saturday & will send pics then. The panels are standard ProPanels split, not a cut on any of them. Box of spare parts, solid metal hangers plus an extra set of chain hangers. 100's of hooks, spare feet, velcro top hooks, overhead stabilizers, we've got everything.

Thank you for getting back with me. I'm very interested in the panels and the lights.

Thank you


I'm interested in the Flourish canopy, carrying bags, weights, lighting kit and chairs.  Can you send photos and price, please.

Sorry for the delayed response, I've had some technical difficulties the past few days. Currently out of town but will be back Saturday, will send pic then. I'm open to any offer once you see the display set up in pics
Thank you, Julie. I am definitely interested in the Flourish canopy. Hope the rest of your trip goes well.
Sorry for the delayed response, I've had some technical issues the past few days. Currently out of town but will be back in Chicago Fri. I'll send pics then, open for any offers once you see them.

I live in chicago and interested in just about everything. I can come by take a look and possibly take the whole lot. Please email me

Fantastic! I'll get everything together (all the ProPanels & Graphic Display racks are in Ind) & get in touch with you next week. Thx & stay tuned please.


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