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Reading the Sunshine Artist top 20 blog post and the fact that I'm toying with the idea of taking a spring trip to Texas, prompted me to look at the Bayou City application. A couple of things that caught my eye were that they wanted the booth shot to be "exactly" as you would display at their festival (with the exception of chairs.) But that's another post...

A concern of mine is their reproduction policy. They say reproductions cannot represent more than 20% of total works displayed and they must be in browse bins. I could understand having that limit on the # of pieces hanging on the walls. I hate it when I have to compete with other artists that have all repros in their booth, but since they are limiting it to browse bins, why this limit? Typically I hang 10-12 paintings. That means I can have 2 reproductions! If that's the case, why allow repros at all??? I'm fine with a no reproduction policy, in fact I think I prefer it. Or limit it to a % of booth space. But It seems like they don't know what they want to be by giving a nod to reproductions by allowing them but not allowing enough to be worthwhile.

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oops, my bad. I have the wrong festival. I was looking at a couple and got the policies mixed up. It was San Antonio, Fiesta that had the 20% total work reproduction policy. Bayou City says 50% of booth space must be original work. Sorry about that! I would edit the original post but it doesn't seem like I can any more. My original point stands though. Why would a festival have such a useless policy?

I think a lot of festivals must copy their terms and regulations from the same source.  When I display my photography, ALL my artworks are reproductions; And I offer plenty of prints in various sizes, too (hundreds).  But, I never have an issue. I think that as long as your booth looks professional and is well laid out, then that is the primary concern for the majority of shows.  I just wish show coordinators would take the time to read their policies and think about how it truly affects the working artist.  The need for "Limited Editions" (LEs) in photography is a whole other can f worms I never understood :-P.


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