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 I have a Sears Craftsman benchtop belt sander I have been very happy with over the years. I had a stockpile of belts but have found the glue dries up (or something) over time and they break very easily.  


But now there’s no Sears near me, and I believe they sold the Craftsman line anyway.  My sander takes 1” x 42” belts. I have no idea if belts are standardized or are proprietary by brand (I hope not).


What brand of belts might be comparable? And sold where? I have a Harbor Freight near me but I have gathered that some people don't like their power tools. Thanks!


I was not sure what section was right for this question: feel free to move it where it belongs. 

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Industrial Abrasives carries them. As a woodworker I have bought many sanding belts from them over the years and their quality is excellent


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