I live in Michigan and would like to try to do a show in central Florida some time late February through late March timeframe. We have a bit of a silly reason or should I need an excuse to be there during this timeframe. We would like to take in a Detroit Tigers spring training game or two.

Anyway, could you Floridian craft experts recommend some shows during this timeframe?

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  • Winter Park


    There are so very many shows in Florida and I have just applied to these two.

    • Those aren't exactly craft shows. They are higher end fine art and fine craft events (as you know, Greg.)

      • Ken Bayard didn't specify what level of shows he was looking for. I believe it is always important to set goals and expectations at the highest level

        • O.K., Greg. Here's how I came to the craft conclusion.

          1. His discussion is posted in CRAFTS AND CRAFT FAIRS.

          2.I read his last sentence to mean that he was looking for craft shows since he asked for tips from "Floridian craft experts."

          3. I looked at his work on his website and discovered he is cutting metal signs and designs in metal quite possibly with a plasma cutting machine. His latest projects are garden stakes and address markers. And the work I saw on his PHOTO GALLERY page shows wine racks, sports themed goodies, Michigan themed goodies, a sign that says "Gone Fishing", etc.

          • I have a couple pieces that I would consider on the Fine art side and honestly intend to do more in the future. But I did post in the craft fair section intending to appeal to the craft side of things.

            I appreciate all responses and efforts to help. On this matter, I believe the craft side of things are more up my ally at this point. I know there are just fine art shows and shows with both and just craft shows. I would like info on either both or just craft.



  • Hi, Ken. You might want to get a copy of WHERE THE SHOWS ARE in order to investigate Florida craft shows. That publication lists every show imaginable. We do fine art related events in Florida during March and April, plenty of which are located in central Florida. But I'm probably not the best judge of what might be the right place for crafts. Central Florida is full of shows during this time. SO you might just pick one without a recommendation and see how it goes.

    I can't remember when the show at Homosassa Springs is...it may be in fall. Yeah, it's in November. That show has two sections, one for fine art and the other for crafts. It's a well attended seafood festival.

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