Hi! I have a question about applying. to art specific art fairs. I have done art festivals before where I sold my fine art paintings along side other items that i made like art lamps, t shirts, prints..i know that for art shows, I can only submit for a category of fine art. 

 I primarily paint in encaustic medium but I also do some paintings using acrylic.  I know those would be 2D Painting.  On some of my encaustic paintings, I may add glass, paper or other pieces. Would that have to be in 2D Mixed Media?

 Would I have to apply separately for both types? 

 Another question I have is the tent I use is appropriate but I dont have pictures with only my fine art.  Woudl I be disqualified  from the judging if it shows my tent with other titems I sold even if I know I wouldnt have those items at

 an art specific fair?

Thanks for your help!


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  • My two cents - others may disagree. I believe you would have to apply for 2D mixed media on the encaustic, et al. I also do encaustic - with paper, oil sticks, pan pastels, etc - and apply in 2D Mixed Media. I would strongly encourage you to not mix media in your application. Go with the encaustic base or the acyrlic base - but don't try to do both. It will confuse your audience and, especially, confuse the judges. On the tent shot, I wouldn't use a photo that had "other items" in it. I switched my art from photography to encaustic a couple of years back and set up my tent just to do an encaustic only shot. It will carry you a long way to show that you have enough material to fill a tent and it looks professional, two things you'll be judged by. If your shot shows other types of art, they may be left wondering if you actually have enough to fill a tent. And, as we know, it takes a lot of art to fill a tent. Hope that helps. - Fletcher / www.fletcherdean.com 

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