I am selling one of two booths I’ve used over the years. I bought the 2nd booth so it could be shipped to show locations while I did other shows closer to home. The photos show a 10’x10’ booth set up with dark gray propanels in my garage. I did not use stiffeners in the setup, & some are included (see below). I also didn’t use the support bar. For shows, I put a long support bar across the front of the booth. The booth is stable with the stiffeners & shelves. In addition to what is shown, there are two 30” panels that extend the booth to 10’x15’. I also include 3 extender panels to go on the top. 

You will need to arrange pickup of the items, and I am in Santa Rosa, California. Note that for this size panel, Propanels’ freight charges begin at $250. Adding the ladders and shelves would likely increase the freight charge significantly.

For more info, email Debbie@ExultationArts.com and see photos at bottom of the post.

Items include:

Qty      Item                                                    Unit Price       Price if New      

9          7’ x 38.5 Dark Gray Panels                      $145              $1305

2          7’ x 30” Dark Gray Panels                        $130               $260

3          20”x 38.5 Extender Panels                      $65                 $195

6          Couplers for extender panels                    $5                    $30

8          Panel Stiffeners                                       $12                 $96

1          L Stiffener                                              $24                 $24

4          7’ Ladders                                             $100               $400

7          7’ Double Rung Ladders                        $150               $1050

33       Standard 38.5” ladder

                        shelves                                  $45                 $1485

5          Standard 30” ladder

                        shelves                                  $45                 $225

1          Long (77” to 144”)

                        support bar                           $65                 $65

20       Velcro strap fasteners                          $1.50              $30

                        TOTAL NEW:                                               $5165

                        SALE PRICE:                                               $2600


Damaged goods – please note the following damages. I want you to know what you are getting before you make any arrangements.

** Bent legs: Note in the photos that one ladder shows a bent leg. At least two panels also have bent legs like this. I put the panels and ladder with the bent legs in the corners so they don’t show.

** Sun bleached edges: Note in the photos that some of the panels have bleached edges. They were inadvertently exposed to the sun. I found that once the art is up and the shelving unit is up, they aren’t noticeable.

** some of the metal pieces have chipped paint



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