Hi , I am not longer doing shows, currently in south florida but could deliver in NYC or maybe somwhere along i95 since i'll be driving up north sometime in march or april.

Heres what I have:

I Have a full set up for a 10x10x9 (tallest) booth - dome only used it 2 times, propanels about 10 times-, perfect condition:

-11 x dark gray pro panels (you only need 9 for a 10x10 booth, I got 2 extra to have more flexibility with my setup if I got a bigger space). They are 6' tall, with telescopic legs that add another 1', and they are 38 wide.

-9 extenders for extra height, adds about 20'' (I have all connectors)

- Propanels Hardware:2xL connectors, 7 x reg connectors, 1x T connector, 4 bars I believe too long and two medium.

- hanging sistem: I have an entire box of pro grips (around 20 at least) and I have about 15 cords long and medium.

-Tons of hanging hooks.

-3 x shelfs with brackets

- Trimline Canopy 10x10x9, It's the highest that they have, but obviously could be set up shorter. I got it in 2017 nly used it 3 times. I have all the parts, and it is the latest model (lighter and easier to set up than previous). Also has stabilizers.

-I think I still have 4 weights (concrete) but not sure

I'm in the miami area but could meet if not too far.

I paid over $4500+shipping (which is freight, and around a couple hundreds)

(please see picture attached to see my booth)

Asking price

-All Panels 11 panels (i'll throw in attachments, shelfs, hanging system and hardware) $1500

-Trimline $860


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  • Hello Maria, 

    I remain interested in your booth set up. If you are coming up to NYC I can arrange to meet you most anywhere either along your route or at your end destination. Please respond to tell me if all is still available 

  • Greetings. This sounds like a perfect fit for what I am looking for in my photography displays. If they are still available I would be very interested in picking them up from you. I could easily meet you along the I-95 corridor in NJ or NY in March or April, whatever is easier for you. If its easier for you I am also willing to discuss freight shipping.

    Definitely happy to discuss any details with you and arrange a prompt payment. Please feel free to call me directly at 518-424-0930 (cell). Kindly leave a message and I will get right back to you as soon as possible.


    James Rodewald

  • Hello, I am quite interested in both the pro panels and the tent. I am 2 hrs north of NYC near Hudson Ny & will drive to most any location within the greater NYC area. Where are you located? Pls call to discuss_Peter at 415-595-5633 Thanks

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