I Have a full set up for a 10x10x9 (tallest) booth - dome only used it 2 times, propanels about 10 times-, perfect condition:

-11 x dark gray pro panels (you only need 9 for a 10x10 booth, I got 2 extra to have more flexibility with my setup if I got a bigger space). They are 6' tall, with telescopic legs that add another 1', and they are 38 wide.

-9 extenders for extra height, adds about 20'' (I have all connectors)

- Propanels Hardware:2xL connectors, 7 x reg connectors, 1x T connector, 4 bars I believe too long and two medium.

- hanging sistem: I have an entire box of pro grips (around 20 at least) and I have about 15 cords long and medium.

-Tons of hanging hooks.

-3 x shelfs with brackets

- Trimline Canopy 10x10x9, It's the highest that they have, but obviously could be set up shorter. I got it in 2017 nly used it 3 times. I have all the parts, and it is the latest model (lighter and easier to set up than previous). Also has stabilizers.

-I think I still have 4 weights (concrete) but not sure

I'm in the miami area but could meet if not too far.

I paid over $4500+shipping (which is freight, and around a couple hundreds)

(please see picture attached to see my booth)

Asking price

-All Panels 11 panels (i'll throw in attachments, shelfs, hanging system and hardware) $1500

-Trimline $860


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  • Hi 

    I'm checking in to see if you still have your panels and tent.

    I am interested and live in Fort Lauderdale and can pick it up this week Cash

    Russell 954-648-6688  russell@rusellsfotos.com

  • Hello, do you still have any of this? I am interested in the attachments,  hanging systems, and hardware. 

    My email is patikdartist@gmail.com.

    Thank you, 


  • do you still have the Trimline for sale? please text 512 922-6609 thanks
  • Hello Maria,

    I am very interested in purchasing your equipment. I would drive to miami to buy your equipment. Please call me at 865-696-6154.I f I do not answer, please leave me a voicemail.

    Thank you,


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