My wife and I have been juried into TWO categories and have TWO booths this weekend, March 15-17, at Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival and need to rent some extra Pro Panels for our second booth. A friend who is also in the show is loaning us his second Light Dome tent as well as one wall of Pro Panels, but we need a few more for better display. Please respond here if you can help. Orlando area is best. We are staying in Lake Mary at La Quinta Inn. We are in Booths 120-121. Barrie Lynn Bryant and AB Word. Categories Drawing and Mixed Media 2D. Here's what our drawing booth looks like. Please respond here. Thanks, folks!

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  • I'll bump it up again too, Barrie. So great that you are heading to Florida again. Hopefully all the allergies are taken care of. I featured your work (the booth shot above) in my "What are you doing this weekend?" emails to art fair patrons across the country. 

    I'm also posting this on our FB page ...

    (The last time we did the Winter Park show our van broke down right at the exit booth from the toll road at Winter Park. Luckily, AAA showed up quickly and towed us to the park.)

    • Hi, Connie. I hope you are doing well. We're doing pretty good, but the allergies are still a problem. We're managing them well. According to our infectious diseases doctor, Florida shouldn't really be on our intinerary ever again. But my wife misses what we had here, so here we are again! I didn't expect to get juried into both categories, then I decided to just go ahead and accept both invitations so we'd have two booths and worry about logistics later. Call this one SHOOT THE MOON. I can't think of a better place to pull this stunt, either. She is doing the best art ever, and I'm running a close second. We're in Gainesville tonight and heading to Winter Park early Thursday morning to setup starting at 10:30. It's showtime! WOOHOO!

      Thanks a million for the feature. I'll keep everyone here posted how it all goes for us. We're only doing two shows and then heading home. Our second show is Gulf Breeze Celebrates the Arts next weekend. We've always done well in Gulf Breeze thanks to some steady Mobile customers and a few locals. But we've not been here since the near death experience in April 2015. That happened 9 days after the Gulf Breeze show. I think we're going to make it through fine this time, though. MUCH LOVE AND HUGS FROM BOTH, Barrie

  • I'm bumping this to the top tonight. We're on our way to Florida and in a Decatur, AL hotel tonight. Still need some Pro Panels in Winter Park this weekend. We'll probably be in Gainesville, FL tomorrow night. THANKS!

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