Pro Panels for sale

We have 9 seven foot by 38" pro panels, they are the medium dark grey color. In great shape and come with some straight stiffeners as well. Asking $540 for the lot, less than 1/2 price of new. Will be in Madison, IN this coming weekend followed by St James Court in Louisville the next weekend. After that we are headed back to FL.



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  • It looks like they are not knockdown?

    If they were, I'll be at both those places, I could have picked them up.

    Am I wrong? Are they KD?

    • They are not knock down, sorry.
      • As they are not KD, what is the minimum dimensions when broken down?
        Is this offer for everything needed to do a full booth setup?
        • they are roughly 7 foot by 38 inches each, 9 panels will do 3 panels per wall on 3 sides of a 10 by 10 display canopy.

          • Steve,  The system will not let me send you another PM until you accept the first one.

          • Steve I sent you a PM. Did you get it?

  • Any chance of coming through North Carolina?
    • So sorry, we are headed through Alabama to the FL panhandle on our way home after St James
      • When and where will you be in Alabama...Florida! 

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