• Hi Judy,

    After looking at the two items I will have to add to make this set up work for me,( the 24.5in panels and the top extenders for when I do indoor shows.) I don't think this price is going to work out. I do indoor show so I will have to purchase the extenders. The extenders alone will cost me $660 for 12 plus another $315 for the 3 24in panels to create a true 10x10.This will shoot my cost up pass what I would like. 

    • A second thought Louise - The extra 30" panels are often used as a separate display area. That's how my sis sets hers up - she does have 2 shorter panels too. Sometimes as a "V" or as a right angle to a wall.

      Being a jeweler and mostly working out of a corner booth, this setup worked for me. You need more wall space for paintings.

    • Thanks for your response Louise. Good luck.

  • I may be able to pick them up next weekend. will they all fit in a mini van?

    • Louise, when I open the tent, the panels covered the tent poles and at night, I slightly turned the front two to fit. It makes a really lovely presentation. I didn't have leg extenders because the 7' foot height just fit in a regular dome tent. I would have had to have a special tent to get the taller panels in. If you are doing indoor shows, you might want the extenders. I thought about the 25.5" panel for the back, but always seemed to make this work. Sometimes, I angled the back corner to make it all fit. That gave me a bit of covered storage in a tight show.

      My sister does shows with the same panels and uses a mini-van. I used a GMC Yukon and it has quite a bit less space than her Toyota Sienna mini-van. We both used Showoff dome tents and that all fit too.

      I look forward to meeting you - we will be home this weekend.

  • I am a painter, what is your asking price? I am in Fort Collins

    • Louise - I see my sister this evening and I'll get her answer. I'll get back to you tomorrow if that works. Check my web page - my name, and we can do this by email. 

      • Sister is not going for a double booth so doesn't need these. 

        So I counted what I have, and its 11 seven foot knock down panels, dark grey. 2 short, 2 long support bars, a long banner bar (you want this for inside events) as well as corners and stiffeners and lots of extra connectors and really nice sturdy bags for the metal parts. The panels have been used for background, no hooks on them ever. The reason for 11 panels is that you simply can't get 120" inside a tent that measures 10". Retail is $2029, asking $1500.
        I also have a 12" x 12" 42" pedestal that retails for $130 that i used for cards, flowers etc. I also have a 42" black desk with two shelves - $245 new. Asking $65 for corner pedestal and $125 for desk. Picture attached - images are canvas attached with velcro.


        • Are there leg extenders, how were you able to fit 11 30in in a 10x10, I though with 30in ones you needed to have two 25.5 to make it work.

  • How many do you want and what color?

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