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I'm looking for 9 of these in black.....its a long shot but I figured I'd post here first.....

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I have a set of 9 that I can sell you. They are like brand new,,,I only used them for 5 shows and ended up selling my old 6' panels and custom ordered 8' panels so I no longer need the extensions. I'm located in Richmond Virginia, my next show is in Atlanta next weekend, then Alexandria after that. Thanks,



Steven, I just left you voice mail. They are black correct?


Hey got your message, I was doing yardwork when you called. They are black. I can make you a good deal on them, its just getting them to you. Shipping would be expensive I'm sure. When I go to Atlanta I usually take I-85 which goes more west. I could send them to a location in Raleigh NC that you could pick them up if that helped. How soon do you need them? Talk to you soon,


Actually, I have a friend that lives right near 85 in SC I think we can coordinate this.  Can you call me tomorrow and we could finalize a meeting?  As far as timing, I am looking to run a new booth shot with these for the next batch of shows I am applying to.  So, just as soon as I can get them is fine.

I'm headed to NYC the 21 of August. What's your week look like say around the 18-19 of August ?

Yeah I could meet you that Thursday or Friday for sure. We leave Saturday morning for the beach for a week. My house is about ten minutes east of I-95, or I could always meet you right off the interstate at an exit. Are you good with $300 for them? Talk to you soon, thanks.


I'm good with 300 yes.


Hey, tried to call you a few times last week before I left. Just let me know if your still interested in the extensions, I do have another person interested, thanks!



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