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How do you price your merchandise.  I am a jewelry artist and have gone back and forth whether to continue to use the hang tags or not.  I have tried leaving the prices off and it seemed as if people just walked on and never asked.  I greet everyone who comes to my booth with a "hi and please ask if you have any questions".   It seems as if they think that if it is not priced then it must be too expensive.  I think the tags look tacky, but haven't found any other way.  I also then use a separate tag taped to the back with my inventory number and price which is removed after the sale to help me track what was sold.  Once I get home, I then indicate the date sold and where sold on my inventory spreadsheet.  I found this helps to know what type of jewelry sold at what show so I can make sure I have that kind of inventory for next year. 


Again, just curious what others out there do for pricing and inventorying.  Look forward to your responses.



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  • Well, I think I'm in the minority!  I am a jeweler, and I don't tag my work at shows, I have a price list that I refer to when some one asks.  I had been doing computer print off of the price and code for the piece, but I found that to be very time consuming right before the show to make and tag all of my pieces.  I have the tadpole tags- the white ones that have a tail that you slide through and stick between the two sides. But I only use them when I have my work in stores.  It boils down to not wanting to waist precious before-the-show-cram time.  I also don't like how they look. My display is all dark wood so white pops way too easy.


    Although I may want to try those skinny plastic ones that were mentioned... they may look a bit better in the cases...


    • I have a acrylic sign holder 1 1/2 x 1/1/2 that holds the description of the product and the price on the very bottom.  You see them all over the country in the Costco stores are the jewelery counter
  • When I shop for a smaller item I like a little display card in front of it not tied on to it.  This is especially true with jewelry.  On bigger items such as vases and such the price under it not glued on.  There is still a little card in front so no picking up and breaking.  Now on my photographs I place a smaller sticker that is easy to remove with the price.  I hate it when the tag won't come off and you have to us a blow dryer to get the darn thing off.  So many artists do that.  You scrape and peel and it never comes off all the way.  My cash register keeps track of the item and the prices.  This makes it much easier to total and make sure nothing is missing.    


    I hope I have helped a little.

    • Thank you for your input.  I wish I could use a cash register, some of my shows don't offer electricity.  I am currently using the string tags and I really don't like the look of the string/tag hanging down the side of my necklaces, etc.  I usually do two day shows here in Kansas and I totally rearrange my display the 2nd day to keep it fresh for those that come back the 2nd day.  I'll start working on display cards.  Like that idea - this will allow me to also add more information about the stone, etc.
  • I ordered 200 2" x 4" pieces of mat board from Dixie Matting and use them with clear adhesive labels and velcro tabs. They were quite inexpensive, and work very well. If you want to buy just one side of the velcro tape, Outwater plastics stocks that, it is a bit pricey, but probably not more in the long run than having a bunch of the loop side of the tape that you have no use for. If you borrow Holly's idea of shipping the label along with the piece, you can just use the mating piece of velcro for that.
    • Many thanks, Linda and Jim, for purchasing from Dixie Matting, one of the advertisers on this site. AFI really appreciates this support, keeping the bills paid here and bringing you the art fair network!! :)
      • That was a custom cut, I chose it because the clear labels come in that size. If I were doing it again, I would probably add 1/8" on each side so I do not have to be so precise. I would also ask what the additional cost would be for bevel cuts rather than straight cuts.
  • The last time I spent a lot of money for jewelry was for a birthday present for my daughter.  The necklace had a card next to it with a price plus a short statement about the meaning of the stones - something like "Native Americans believe this stone represents strength and beauty".  Before I read the card the necklace was pretty and slightly out of my price range.  After I read the card I had to have it.
    • Alison - thank you for the information from a consumer point of view.  I have the metaphysical information of each stone on my website, I will incorporate a shorter description in my display.  Thanks again - great insights.
      • This is what I do.  And I make my own computer-generated cards.  I attach them with gold or silver sewing thread.   Am just working on a re-design with a folding card that allows me to incorporate a brief version of my "artist bio."
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