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Woohoo! I made it as one of five finalists to win a fabulous Showoff Tent. The one with the most vote wins.

For my first art festival, I used a big kite, not even an EZ Up. Literally, my display was held together with picture hanging wire (to secure my display wall, i.e. vinyl shutters, to the tent's zigzag rooftop) and paperclips (paintings hung like laundry on a clothesline). 

I really, really want this tent. Please help by voting for me here:

Art festivals, here I come!

Thank you, thank you O Great Art Fair Insiders community. I really appreciate your vote!!!

Victoria Primicias

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I'm voting now, Victoria. Good luck!

You're awesome, Connie. Thanks so much! Btw, here is my original entry to the good folks at Art Display Central, maker of the Showoff Tent:

Victoria Primicias | Artecera Fine Art
medium: encaustic painting (aka beeswax painting)

Encaustics is a mixture of beeswax, resin and colored pigment. The paint is melted at 200F and brushed in 6–20 layers onto a wooden panel. Each layer is fused to the layer beneath with a blowtorch. Nails, tree bark and sand can be added for texture and interest.

It may not look like it, but my first art festival was held together with picture wire and paperclips.

I did my first art festival in 2012 and purchased a Swiss Gear pop-up tent. I thought it was a great deal until it arrived with no sides. As you can tell, I had a lot to learn. 

Since customers enter through the front, I went ahead and ordered only three sides. Imagine my consternation when, at the festival's close on Saturday, I had no way to "lock up" the tent… not that the sides were secure. They clipped on to the legs, after all, with no zippers.

The tent had no way to secure a display wall. In my attempt to keep expenses low, I picked up vinyl shutters at the Habitat for Humanity's Restore, and tied them to the tent roof using picture hanging wire. It was a disaster. As the weekend progressed, the wire stretched, and the shutters began to bow forward. 

To hang the paintings to the shutters, I used heavy-duty velcro. I thought it was a brilliant idea at the time until, during my trial setup the day before the show, two of the heavier paintings came crashing down within hours of hanging. Quickly, I devised an alternate plan: string wire across the panels like a clothesline, and then hang the paintings like laundry with the aid of paperclips. 

On Sunday, the winds picked up and I found myself holding onto a leg of what was, essentially, a big kite. The vinyl shutters pushed forward as the larger paintings fluttered wildly against them. I stood in front of the paintings to hold them back, stressed and scared. Some tile paintings crashed to the pavement, causing customers to flee the booth.

The following year, I replaced the vinyl shutters with a grid display system. Not only were they heavy, they were an eyesore. Again, winds became an issue, so I rested the larger paintings temporarily on the ground until the winds subsided. 

Overnight on Saturday, a huge downpour woke me after midnight. This didn't concern me at first because I knew my tent was supposed to perform well in rain. Well, it didn't. Water leaked through two spots. Thanks goodness my medium, wax, is impervious to water, or inventory damage could've been substantial!

Why I deserve to win:
  • My delicate wax paintings deserve a more solid weekend home than one that's held together with picture wire and paperclips.
  • Encaustics' waxy luster and textures glimmer in natural light; therefore, let there be height! Showoff's tents can be raised to 104" at the eaves, and a full skylight option will make my paintings truly show off.
  • Although wax is impervious to water, I now also offer giclée print reproductions as well as original wax paintings on rice paper. A waterproof tent is mandatory to protect my work. Thank goodness Showoff's tent walls and roof fabric are completely waterproof.
  • Soon, I'll be doing art festivals alone. I'm lightweight at 110 lbs., and I need a lightweight tent to match. I tried a Trimline, but it gave me a hernia. I couldn't even haul the damn thing out of my car, and I work out regularly! Love how Showoff's tents are light and sturdy.
  • Speaking of cars, I drive a Volkswagen Tiguan, i.e. a small SUV. Driving a van or a big truck scares me. Everything – the tent, display panels, 3x4' paintings, more paintings, and the rest of the gear have to somehow fit in my little car. No Propanels for me. Showoff's display panels compact nicely, and look great! And just look at all the color fabric choices…
  • I like flexibility. Depending on the show, I may not know where to situate the exit door until I get to the site. I like how Showoff's display panels are modular, allowing a French wall here, a sidewall there, maybe I'll even be able to move walls around without getting too much brain damage about changing my mind.
  • I'm not too swift, and I don't do well with Ikea furniture, much less tents that need an engineering degree. I like how Showoff tents are easy to assemble with fewer parts.
  • I'm also absent-minded, and the Swiss Gear tent likes to pinch fingers when you least expect it.
  • I'm broke, and I haven't won the lottery yet. Also, I've spent a small fortune on art materials and other gear. Want to know the going rate for beeswax?

So that's my story. I know lots of you have been there. Won't you help a fellow artist? Click here now and cast your vote for Victoria Primicias. I really appreciate it!

and….. done! 

Thanks, Amy Renee!


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