#PatentArtDuo Thief in Central Ohio Area

I participated in the Delaware Art Show in May, 2022.  Great show but I lost an Ikea back full of 200+ #PatentArtDuo prints.  I am reaching out to my fellow artists to ask you to contact me if you see my products in person or online any other than my tent at an event or online @bhpltdohio.com.  Immediately, I contacted the event staff and the Delaware Ohio Police.  Please let me know if you see someone selling this type of product.

Here's how you can identify the unique product:

1.  Almost all of the prints had an aged paper background

2.  The prints are 12 by 16"

3.  Our unique #PatentArtDuo matches two popular individual patents into a single print.  Here are a couple 10747963666?profile=RESIZE_710xof samples:


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