I'm trying to decide if I should apply to the Cedar Key show in March. Has anyone done this show? What was your experience? This is my second year doing festivals, and my daughter lives in Gainesville, so it's convenient, but I haven't heard anyone talk about it.

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  • If you have another reason for being at Cedar Key than selling your art or craft, then I suggest applying to the show. I did it March 2018 from the waitlist. I thought I did a review but its not there? Anyhow, there are lots of visitors, considering parking is a nightmare on the island. I talked to many from Gainesville. Some even come up by boat from Tampa. For me and those around me with 2D art, sales were scarce unless you have pictures of fish, sand, ocean. Jewelers had interest at their booths but I don't know about sales. I paid expenses including the campground for the RV so not all bad. Stayed the week and accomplished alot of photography at the wildlife refuge and ate chowder at Tony's; so the trip was worth it. 

  • Nancy, have you ever heard of www.Artshowreviews.com?  It is one of our website where artists can review the shows that they have done.  It is very helpful when you are trying to decide if you should do a show or not.  We encourage artists to submit a few reviews as a way of giving back to the Art Fair community.

    Unfortunately, we don't have the Cedar Key Art show on our website.  However, we do have over 600 art shows reviewed on our website. 

    Nancy, you can see if the Cedar Key Art Show has been reviewed here by putting the show name into the search bar (upper right hand corner of this page).  If you do that you will see all the places where Cedar Key has been discussed.  Of course, you can do that with any topic.  This website has been going strong for well over 10 years and many topics have been discussed here. 

    Hope this helps you some.

    • Thank you Jacki. I did that and found no mention of it. If I decide to do the show, I will report back! This site is always helpful!

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