Hi Everyone! I am working on a project involving an enamel paint to be applied to glass or plexiglass. It needs to be opaque so the time involved is less. So far, I have found transparent paints but they do not do the job, Americana Gloss Enamel for one. I would appreciate any info you can give me. Thanks, Ellen Marshall

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  • Thanks Bill - I did not think of him. Will look him up on the net. Ellen
  • Have you checked with Rick Abrams? He does painting on glass
  • Thanks Steven - I will look into this today. Ellen
  • Jacquard Airbrush Paints will do the trick. You can get them at misterArt.com or DickBlick.com. You can airbrush it, manually brush it or just "swirl it around" for some nice abstract effects. It comes in Transparent, metallic and Opaque styles.


    Good Luck.
  • In acylic painting we often use gesso (white paint...looks like house paint) as a primer and or to seal the wood or canvas we are painting on. This is opaque.
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