New Line of Art After Application

Hi Everyone,

I have a question that at least some of you have probably had to deal with.  My primary work has been on travertine--coasters, trivets, and plaques.  I also do handmade cards that I sell in sets.

I am going to be trying my hand at a new art form for me.  This week I will be having my first tutorial in encaustic art.  If, and that is a BIG IF, I am any good at it I want to also have my encaustic art in my booth at shows.  My dilemma is this ... I am in the middle of applying to shows for the fall.  What happens if I decide I am actually good enough to sell the encaustic art, but it was not part of my application for the fall shows?  If I am approved for shows, is it considered tacky to ask about amending my app to include the encaustic?  Or, do I have to wait till I submit apps for the spring of 2016 before I get to try my hand at selling it?

I want to go about it the right way.  I suppose waiting till next year is not a "bad" thing.  It would give me more time to develop my technique but seeing how I am an impatient person, I know that I'd want it at my fall shows if I am any good at it.

Thanks for any help!

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