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Hi everyone, my name is Darlene Deffes and I have been exhibiting since 2009ish. I have taken breaks here and there and haven't exhibited at very many fine art festivals but plan to change that 2023. I am taking a year to focus on painting to build my inventory and spruce up my festival tent. I paint in oil (phasing out acrylic). My painting series vision is trees with personality, or with lots of vines, moss and/or lichen.

Here is a little bit about my plan/goal.

I own a Showoff Tent that is about 25 years old, but doesn't look it. I just recently purchased mesh panels (which I am loving). I previously had black propanels but downgraded my vehicle to a 2011 Honda CRV and I had to use something that folds up small to fit it into my car. I did purchase a roof rack 64x39" for bins if needed. In 2025 I am hoping to upgrade to a large van and convert it to an RV with storage for my art festival things and start doing art festivals all over the United States on a fun road trip. I have done a similar road trip in 2012 but with a 66' vintage shasta trailer. I learned that in the future I do not want a trailer for that kind of a road trip but prefer an all in one van. 


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  • Welcome Darlene!

    Mary Strope,

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