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This unit has just been released/ looks real slick and rates are great with NO CONTRACT// I-phone app.//do not know about additional fees yet/ PCI and air time etc?? Reader is $179 -25% online and at apple stores// I can hope this is much better supported than the Square($100 transaction limits) ;; Fair Winds

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Barb, slick unit; just wondering if there are hidden fees/ like the no contract and low swipe fee; hope u & rick are great/ missed u in Mass. it was good sales /not a ton of people, way too hot for those yankees on Sat afternoon & Sun./ Stay well & fair Winds ,Bill
Looks like 3G and Gs not for the iPhone4
That is alot of different fees// maybe when other processors support this platform & competition arrives the fees will be very few. (annual , admin. etc. ???) Commerce Payment Group sent me $100 for being a merchant with a lousy dial -up / no contract/ no minimum/ no pci fee/ low fees/ account// they have a download of 28 pages on How Not To Get Ripped Off by Credit Card Processors// when they support this I stuff I will follow// so long as they keep it simple without those hidden fees(TAXES);

Not sure what merchant agreement you looked at but the Mophie 'sleeve' is $179 and then the service is actually through Intuit's GoPayment. From both the Mophie site and the Intuit site here's the fees.

Monthly service
Discount rate for Visa, MasterCard and Discover® Network
Card-swiped: 1.70%
Key-entered: 2.70%
Per-authorization fee $0.30
Monthly Minimum fee $0.00
One-time set-up fee $0.00
Cancellation fee None

You are correct that in the 'merchant agreement' on the Intuit site they have the fees listed that you mentioned but you missed the header paragraph for that section which reads:

"If fees are not listed on the Merchant Application or Schedule of Fees to the contrary, the following fees are applicable. Additional fees specific to each service offering are set forth in the Fee sections of the Article of this Agreement defining the terms of that service offering."

So it sounds like those fees are used in lieu of the 'offer' that is being presented when there is no other offer. But like all agreements read it, ask lots of questions, take lots of notes and make sure that the final agreement/deal is one you like :)

However, and there are a lot of those in life, the rest of their agreement has things like them being able to seize not only amounts in your credit card account but other accounts that you have as well, that I would never sign up with them. Like this gem:

In the event the Account lacks sufficient funds Merchant and Guarantors authorize IPS and/or Bank, without notice, to debit any bank account in their name(s) or the name of any affiliated entity.
VeriFone is offering the same iPhone "sleeve" and it apparently works with most existing merchant accounts. ProPay is offering the equipment for free with a $200 or so yearly fee, no monthly fees or minimums.

I just feel odd about not being able to hand them a receipt. I have a feeling you would wind up filling out a lot of old fashioned ones to assuage their paranoia :)
Pat, Nothing is for free; morphe & veriphone payware mobile are totally DIFFERENT sleeves/side swipe,bottom swipe etc. payware connect no contract/$20 a month buy the machine// with a 2 year reader is free & all the other fees that each processsor charges//Propay has an Annual fee of $214.95/ 2.99% and 25cents a call & I didn't go into their fees further// You can buy the payware from e-bay for $69 ;why would I basically rent it with a 2-year contract with anyone//
Please READ ALL THE FINE PRINT on rates etc.// Each processor has their own game, and we artists (any merchant) are the players// the uninformed, and unresearched are their prey-and they will suck us in with freebies etc. Nothing is free// No contracts,monthly minimums, set-up charges whatever they call those fees/Don't settle- I researched 7-10 companies and each had "The Best Deal" yes , for them . I did end up with Commerce payment. they kept it simple,and cheap. Fair Winds
It's like a dance with the devil and Charlie Daniels is fiddling...and just when you've got the steps down they change the tune...:)
I've been waiting for the Morphie for I-Phone to be released. I have been using GoPayment for my I-Phone since May - every weekend and love it. So far have never had any downtime or lost connection. I have used Intuit for my website for years so incorporating GoPayment was the choice for me. Morphie for I-Phone was supposed to be released months ago. I have one on order and am now waiting for the bluetooth printer to become available. My overall fees are substantially lower than with Veriphone or other Merchant Accounts - likely as I used it on my website. Discounts become available on an annual basis as long as payments are on time.
Just looked at an alternative:, that offers a swiper for about $50 and software for another $50 that allows you to turn any laptop with wireless internet access into a Paypal processing terminal. One flat rate for all transactions, no exceptions that I could spot.
Anybody heard of this one?


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