Need lighting recommendations

Wow, what a valuable forum! I started the show circuit last year and am still struggling to find my niche. In an effort to draw more attention to my jewelry, I want to buy a few spotlights. They need to be clampable and easy to manipulate. Do you all have any suggestions? Thank you!

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  • I use these lights and love them:

    They are not cheap, but if you only need a few they are worth it. They do get hot but the long necks are very handy. Plus they have several customizing options.
  • Yes, I've been to the Direct Lighting website already - I've researched numerous lighting companies. I do need spotlighting to accentuate my crystal and lampwork. I was wondering what brand others have used and like before I purchase anything. I've also heard about a specific brand of bulb that's recommended for jewelry but I can't remember it's name. I've had no luck at Home Depot or Lowes. I use the only flexible neck lamp that Home Depot carries in my studio, but the neck is too short and it gets super hot.
  • There are some websites I have known some artists use - - I think, is one. But a good google search for "retail display lighting" will most likely work too. But for me, I actually go to IKEA. They don't much as far as clamp lighting, but they HAVE lighting. I love their selection. If you don't live near one, visit their website (they even have some things geared for small business/retail shops) and you can order online. Prices are good.

    Although I am not a jewelry marker, I have to say "spotlights" might be too much - I am visualizing an interrogation room. However you might find some luck at home improvement stores or office supply stores.

    Good luck!
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