• Suggest changing the size to 8' X 4' you'll save $ and headaches.  No need to use expensive birch if the surface is properly ground.  More important, you want a stable surface that won't warp and/or crack. Consider making a square frame with cross-supports and corner braces from 1" X 2" clear pine.  Then, attach facing using 1/4" MDF, masonite, or some other stable surface.  Others may have more detail but hope this helps.

    • thanks Kevin.

      So I am trying to make a backsplash for my client. behind a bar area. and it will be 8 feet across and 4 feet tall. So it will be mounted on the wall.

      I plan to do the support bars and the  cornre braces....anything else I should consider to make sure it does not warp?

      also should the thickness of the wood/masonite be 1/4'' thick?

      • sorry Kevin - you had answered my questions already. i did not read it well. I will work on the project accordingly

        • it won't be client want to make it such that it can be put on and taken off if they get bored of it.

          so shud I still use adhesive you suggest?

        • Alka,

          If its a permanent install then no need for bracing.  Better to use construction adhesive or other adhesive you can trowel and just mount directly to the wall.  Good luck.  

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