My first booth

Well, tomorrow is the first day of my first fair selling my prints. I'm sharing the space with my wife's crafting business (also her first fair).

I think it turned out relatively well for our first time out, but not as nice as I would like. I think it looks comparable to the other booths at the fair.

We're right near the doors, so there's some glare on some photos and one of the lights above our booth is out, so the booth pics are not the best. We'll probably bring in a light to hang from the rafters tomorrow to light up the booth a little more.

I think next time we'll lay down some carpet as well.

What do you think? Any suggestions.




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  • How did it go, Matt?

    • It went pretty well. I guess Tuesday is the slowest day of the fair, and it rained a good chunk of the day, but I sold 2 framed pieces and my wife sold some cards and one of her snowmen, so we're happy so far. I did have to adjust the booth a little bit with two framed pieces missing, but that's a good problem to have I guess.

      The number of people asking "Did you take all of these" is simply astounding. I knew it would happen, but didn't realize how often. lol

      • Haha, it is stunning how many people ask that kind of question!  I get asked at least once every show if I painted everything.  One woman asked if I did my own prints, to which I said "no" because I have professional company produce them for me.  So then she was like, "oh, so someone else painted this?", and I had to explain that I do the paintings, but I don't produce my own prints.  I guess it might be a different case in photography, though, as some photographers probably do both.

  • More pics


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