My Feet Hurt!

For this upcoming art fair season, I want to get some really comfortable (not ugly) sandals. They need to be cushioned, light weight and supportive so I can stand on my feet all day. If any group knows about standing all day, sometimes on paved streets, it's art fair vendors. Suggestions?

Robin Ragsdale

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  • I have a pair of Keene maryjanes!  They are comfy and stylish  I usually wear my black Keenes with a casual dress and I can stand all day!  Another good shoe: Sanitas!

  • I am suprised I haven't seen any suggestions for Fitflops (british brand) or the Skeetcher Tone Up sandles(American brand).  They work great for set up and you can get fancier ones to change into.  Tons of patrons wear them at the shows.  I don't believe they really help tone you up, but they are very stable and comfortable sandles.  I have some foot issues, (getting older :(  So I have to be very picky about what type shoes I can wear.  I love the way Merrell and Ecco sandles feel but they don't have a sturdy enough foot bed for me. 

  • This doesn't work for everyone or every show, but I bought some black anti-fatigue floor mats last year.  They can be very expensive.  But I got lucky and found 3x3 mats for $10 on sale.  Bought 9 of them.  The difference is huge.  Even patrons comment about them when they walk into the tent.  I only use them on paved streets.

  • these are my personal favorites for summer shows- I have extremely high arches also, which without proper support, have fallen- not fun in any way. I purchased them two years ago. they are comfortable, light weight, adjustable, sturdy, and feel amazing! they can be worn with biz casual skirts, shorts, capris, slacks etc. I think I got them at Pay-less Shoes... I have even worn em during set-up!

    summer show shoes.jpg

    side view summer shoes.jpg

    • Those look really nice. Payless? Even better!

      • They are uber comfortable! I also have weak ankles, tend to twist and sprain- never have an issue in these! I believe they are German made- Romika is the brand name. Leather uppers and  Crepe rubber soles. Plus everyone's feet swell as the day goes on, and these are adjustable! I love my Dansko shoes, but these are flexible, sturdy and comfortable. Didn't cost an arm & leg either!

  • Ecco makes excellent shoes, as well.  I've gone through several pairs over the years.  They're not cheap at $100+ a pair, but they last me 5+ years (and I wear shoes hard).  I have spent up to 18 hours straight on concrete with nothing more than the fatigue I expect from that kind of abuse.

    Many of the styles at my local department store (Dillard's) are kind of frumpy, but they usually have a couple of cute ones.  I have wide feet and bunyons, and Ecco is one shoe I can count on to have something available that feels good right out of the box (not all of them, mind you).  The leather is always nice with a good bit of give, and the footbed is designed to conform to your foot - don't let anyone else wear them :)

    As a general rule, European shoes are made well and for people who spend a lot of time on their feet.

    I also have a pair of water/hiking shoes from Merrell that have served me well.  I think they run in the $80 range.  They look like sporty pair of Mary Janes, not exactly dressy, but they still pair well with dresses and the mesh body keeps my feet cool.  After two years, they're pretty well done in.

  • Try these:



    Most comfortable and fashionable shoes I own!  You can stand in them all day.  They have a memory foam insole (which is replaceable!) and patterns beyoind belief.  I bought one pair after seeing them on a customer.  I now have 8 pairs....they are my show shoes.

  • I had great luck last year with a sandal I found at The Walking Store. The brand is ABEO and they have a built in orthotic. This was the first time I was able to change from gym shoes to a sandal. Check them out.


  • Crocs-a zillion styles-cheap-they feel like you are on an anti-fatique mat-- I am not a fashion maven/  but my feet don't hurt/ are not swollen at the end of the day.  I had the rockports-sweatty- merrills,expensive- nike air madas-- THEY ALL FELL APART especially if you have stood in water outside for a day ( MT. DORA one year--which is where I found croc's  after my rockports fell apart)- I blow glass in them-wear them always- and throw them away after I have used them up;  ONE POINT THOUGH-- after much use the bottoms get smooth- if you hit a wet floor you will remember why you didn't break dance previously--at this point we have recarved bottom ruts for a little bit more life(as they are now shop shoes)

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