Moving Up to a Bigger Booth

I am beginning to think about next year, yes 2018, and how I want to expand.  The way I am thinking of expanding is to a bigger booth.  I have had a 10x10 since I started in 2013.  I want to graduate to a 10x20.  Of course, with growth there are questions and fears.

If you have made the move from a 10x10 to a 10x20, how did you make the transition?  When you made the move, did you do a total remodel of your booth?  New fixtures, colors, everything?  Or did you just leave it the same and add new fixtures, etc. in the "old" scheme.  Money is tight right now so I will have to begin accumulating what we will need over time.

I am thinking of giving this a trial run in November.  I have a show I an apply to that is indoors and the booth fee is affordable enough that I can swing 2 booths.

Any suggestions or words of advice from those who've done this?

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  • Cindy,

    A 10x 20 tent will always guarantee you a double booth fee for starters. Have you considered using two 10x10 booth instead? This gives you the option to use either one or both depending on the show. Most tents have rain gutters available to keep it dry when connected.

    I have not had a 10x20 booth but these are thoughts I have had after seeing artists using 2 tents instead of a larger one. Best of both worlds I would imagine. What brand are you considering?

    It will be interesting to hear the thoughts of those who use a 10x20 at every single show

    • Greg, we would get another 10x10 so we could have the "best of both worlds" as you mentioned.  Not sure about brand yet.  I do know that many of the one recommended here are well out of our price range, at least until our rich uncle gets out of the poor house.  LOL  All the tents advertised here for sale have been too far to drive for pick up or to pay delivery.  I usually keep up those posts just in case one in our area comes available.

      I also understand my booth fees will be double.  Some shows are easier to do a double fee.  Some are out of the question for now.

      Since the start up costs of doubling our booth size are considerable, that is why I'll have to start accumulating what I need till we have it all.  I don't have to have "new" supplies.  If they are in good shape I don't mind 2nd hand.

      • Cindy, I think it would be important when getting another 10x10 tent to make sure they are the same brand/model. Even though a tent is described as 10x10 it will vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer....some are actually 3-4" shy of 10 ft and heights an vary.

        • Thanks.  I will take that into consideration when purchasing another tent.

          • I have had a few neighbors who had two 10 x 10's and set them up with one tent behind the other, when there was room in the back of the booth.

            I would love to do that, as with pottery and my check out area, I need the back space. 

            Also great for bad weather!

            So if you purchase another tent, you will have more set up options.

            • Yes, Judy, we were talking about options in arranging our booth last night.  I told dh I am going to start a list of what we need to start obtaining it as we can find good deals on it.

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