Mounting 2 large unframed paintings in Chicago ?

My son and daughter-in law bought 2 large unframed abstract paintings. They were planning on mounting them themselves. When I saw the size of them unrolled, I told them this was going to be harder than they thought. Based on my having to stretch canvases back in college: I know it’s not easy to get canvas taut and unwrinkled on stretcher bars. And these canvases are already painted, so no sizing is possible like you can with raw canvas.

I told them I would try to find someone to do it. If you don’t stretch your own, where do you have it done? Perhaps a photographer who stretches larger work on canvas would know. Mounting ones as large as these would take more than just stretcher bars as well: a stronger structure would be needed. They were not planning on framing: just a wrap.

 I could drop off and pick up. I just measured my show van and they will fit. 

Or maybe they could be stretched on site? They live in downtown Chicago and have lots of bare floor space. I could be there to help.

53.15 x 84.65 x 0.04 in (unframed size including raw edges)

39.37 x 82.68 x 0.39 in (unframed size including raw edges)

Thanks for your help.

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  • I am a artist who had this problem.

    I found a way to laminate the canvas to wood substrates.

    Most of my art is very large, like yours 4' x 8',DSC01378.JPG and is laminated after the art is painted on canvas.

    If you like you can email me for more information and examples.

    I live in southern Wisconsin about one hour from Chicago.

  • Any custom frame shop should be able to stretch it. 

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