I work mostly in Encaustic Medium but I also do Acrylic Mixed Media paintings and Original Art lamps with watercolor and encaustic.

I'm getting ready to apply to juried artfairs. I'm pretty sure I have to submit and pay a separate entry for each type of medium. Is that correct? 

How about Booth Shots? Would I need a separate booth (tent) photo for each media with only that media shown?

Do you think I could include the encaustic lamps with the encaustic paintings as one booth photo?

Thanks for any help you can offer.




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  • I highly recommend only one medium per booth unless your work is truly mixed media which is where the encaustic goes. (I'm also an encaustic artist and that's where I apply.) encaustic is such an unusual medium for most fair goers, I wouldn't even try to mix mediums in the same booth. It's hard enough to explain encaustic! 

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