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I would like anyone's experience with this show.  I am new to the art fair shows and this will be my first show this year.  I am wondering how the crowds are.



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I believe the name is Monument Square NOT Monumental - and it's definitely NOT monumental!  It's quite small and people do come - quite weather dependent.  I did well there once, totally bombed in bad weather, then totally bombed in good weather, so over and out.

Thanks Ruth!  Yep, I read my email wrong, it's Monument.  I take it by your answer you exhibited in it for 3 years?  This is my first season with Art fairs so I was trying to get a feel of what others experiences were.

Thank you!


Ruth, in the new location downtown or the old at Festival Park? 

I have only known it be in what I guess you would call the downtown - concrete area with a monument in front of kind of a strip mall a couple of blocks up from the water.

I did it the first year it was there and the following year, after that it changed dates and no longer worked for me. I have wondered if in the interim they had built up more of an audience. 


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