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For the first time, I've actually seen the Square and Intuit in use.  I'm a techie.  I love gadgets, but I also like to do my homework.  There are actually a whole bunch of theses processors, not just these 2.  Here is a link to a website that reviews and compares each one.  It's very interesting.  Hmmmm... Intersting.  I want one.  I just don't know which one.

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There are several errors on the "facts" about Square which is the only one I am familiar with. They dropped the per transaction fee a while ago, they DO have the ability to void immediately and you can check transactions in real time. I do it all the time. There were a couple of others but I didn't write them down and I am getting old fast. Well, at least my memory is. I think it all depends more on your particular needs. No chart for that :)

Many of the apps in the comparison are software only. Which means you key the card in manually. Square and Intuit both offer card readers which speeds the transaction up considerably.

Neither offers store and forward, as I understand it. If you don't have cel service, or it's spotty, you'll have trouble passing data. My wireless credit card machine doesn't work well in several venues, notably:

Cain Park, Louisville, and sometimes, Crosby Gardens in Toledo, although this year it was fine.

I've been using Intuit's GoPayment since April and really like it. Although I can e-mail a cc receipt to customers, most chose not to since they have my receipt. Easy to use and I'm getting my money fast and accurately. I use it both on my iPhone and my iPad, both through Verizon so I have great coverage. Love it!

Hi Bonnie,

With your Intuit's app, can you take a picture of the item sold, as part of the receipt, strictly for your reference when you get back to the studio.  I can do that with the Square iphone app, but not on the Square ipad app.

I am using intuit gopayment.  I have only had great experiences with it.  I get my money deposited into my account fast.  One advantage to Gopayment is that you can assure your customers that their credit card information is encrypted and their credit card info is secure.   I was able to set up my e-mailed receipts with my own logo and they are very professional looking.  Yes, curiosity on what my customers received got the best of me and I sold my self a pair of earrings. I was really impressed with the e-mailed receipt.   Of course it also gave me the opportunity to figure out how to void a transaction - which was easy to do as well. 


I am currently using the free reader that came with my merchant account, but thinking about upgrading to the Morphie.  Just need to look into it a little more before I order.


Hi to all of you.  All I can say is, 4+ brains are better than one, and certainly better than mine all by itself.  I need all of you.  I love all your advice.  Everyone reads/sees/experiences something different which might make a difference to my situation.


Even tho the E-Pay originally looked good, it's defintely out.  It's between the Intuit and the Square.

I think I'll get one.  Try it out before I cancel my service using my VeriFone-610. Glad to read I can get the Intuit reader free. I thought I had to buy something extra.


The other thing I learned , that I was concerned about.  On the iphone, sometimes, someplace, I'll see an "E" on the top of the toolbar.  It showed maybe 1-2 bars of cell service.  I thought the "E" meant error, and that there was no data service.  That is not true.  The the "E" stands for EDGE....meaning you are on the edge of a service area.  You may have a weak signal, but you still have data service.

BTW, regarding my lights, all the advice you'll gave me was excellent.  At BostonMills/DesMoines, I was told my lights looked great.  I think they did. Thanks again.

EDGE is actually an older network protocol that ATT uses. 3G is faster and more efficient at data transfer, but consumes more power. It has nothing to do with where you are in relation to a tower. Fringe areas, like smaller towns and rural areas haven't been upgrade to the faster 3G network, so they use EDGE for data instead of 3G. I've driven all over the US and there is 3G coverage on many of the interstates now, even in the middle of New Mexico. South Dakota is weak for ATT though.
The signal bars aren't terribly accurate, either, except if you have two the signal's weaker than with five bars.
Back on topic, I think I would pick Intuit over Square right now. More established. That said does anyone have feedback on Intuit tech support?
My experience w/Intuit phone support has been good. I've been in contact with them a few times over some app issues. The wait time can be about 10min but then you get to talk to an actual person. If my issue wasn't their specialty they kicked me up the ladder very quickly. In all instances my issues were resolved to my satisfaction. This month I'm using my square to compare. The square also has an equally impressive receipt. I like that I can take an image of the piece purchased and put it in the description area.

Hi Jay,

Bingo! I think that's the one thing I really do like about the can take a picture of what you just sold.  Now that being said, we could all, if we were so well organized take a pix with our camera...well, we won't.  Why?  We're not that organized.  But with the square, it's easy because it's part of the transaction screen.

I'll be real interested to hear what you have to say after using both.  There's nothing like a real life comparison using each service the way we do.  Keep us informed.  Thanks!

Hi Jay,

I can't wait to read about your comparison between the two.

Anyway, today I downloaded the Square App to both my iphone and ipad.  The one thing I really like, is that I can take an image of my painting.  So far so good.  That feature comes up on the iphone app, but when I look at the ipad app, that feature is missing.  You would think the ipad app would have more features, not less.

Do you have any idea why, or what can I do to get that feature on the ipad.  I've got the ipad2  Thanks.

The two apps are different between the iPad and iPhone. IPhone takes photos. IPad can store images and inventory.


Hi Gary,

They sure are different.  I would have thought the ipad would have had more features, not less.

I guess then, if I want to be able to take an image of what I just sold, it's better to use the iphone...not the ipad. Oh well.... on the bright side.  the phone is smaller to carry around.

It still doesn't make sense, but it is what it is.


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