I'm doing the Midwest Salute to the Arts show for the 1st time this year. Somebody told me that they have the artists set up their tents inside a big long community tent. I've never done a show like that. Is this true? If so, do I still need my weights?


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  • LOL. I should have checked the date my mistake!!!!!
  • When were you notified of your acceptance? I applied too and haven't heard anything yet.
    • My post is from last year. You won't hear back for a while.

    • I am just trying to get some feedback on the show, and if it would be worth a trip from Texas.  Application deadline is today, invitations have not yet been sent.

      • Totally understand, Carole. I haven't done it before so I can't comment. Notification isn't until May 20 th so I am unsure why the OP said she was doing it this year for the first time. Hopefully someone who has done the show before will chime in. It is well reputed in this area and has a lot of prize money I know those two things for sure!!
        • My internet was down. Wish I could have answered earlier. The original post was for last summer.

  • I would like your comments about this show.  I live in Texas and have to be selective about out-of-town shows.  Thanks.

    • Sorry Carol, my internet was down and I couldn't respond. This post is from last year. I did the show and it was really good. I recommend it if you can find an affordable place to stay.

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