Because of this pandemic I have seen something new happening in Wisconsin people starting their own pop up. I am beginning to think that may be a good thing with the costs going up I see the promoters making more and doing less for the artists and not keeping their shows free of buy to sell and not keeping the show balanced because they just want to sell the space. So maybe this would be a good time to make a change what’s the worst that could happen that hasn’t happened.

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  • Jan, Cindy, Connie and Robin!  Yay you!  You ladies are part of the Co-Vid pioneers!! I applaud you all!  I admire your ability to think beyond the current dilemma and make things work for you.  I'll be looking forward to hearing how it goes for you all.

    • Kathleen, I am not sure how anyone could have planned for covid.  But you are right, we have to make do with what is right in front of us.

      I recently opened a very small booth in vintage shop in the next town over.  The contract is 6 months.  That will give me time to see if it's going to work for me or not.  If sales and the experience is not what I expect, I'll give notice and pull out.  I am hoping for the best and am cautiously optimistic.

      • Best wishes for a good outcome.  I said a little prayer, too!  Can't go wrong.

  • Well, I needed booth shots for my 2021 applications--which I normally do at my Fall shows--but, since they all canceled I decided to just set the whole thing up in my driveway.  Then I thought, why not invite neighbors and friends to come check out my collection.  I called it "Art in the Driveway"--instead of Art in the Park, etc.  Would you know, that I had many folks come by from 11-4 pm on a beautiful Saturday and I actually made as much money in that short window of time than I've made at some 2-day local shows?  So . . .there it is.  I may consider hosting something bigger near Christmas.

    • I have a booth in our retail store (business is unrelated to vintage business).  My friend has a few things in my booth and we are working a Christmas open house the first Saturday in December.

  • Hi Jan. There is a woman in northern Michigan who has been hosting these small events all over the place AND people are showing up to buy. Even in the pouring rain in Bay Harbor, MI, a few weeks ago. Bay Harbor is very upscale, so a good place to have a show. I'll probably be doing a podcast with her soon to chat about all the details. 

    Good luck to you!

    Actually a few weeks ago I ran a 30 person art fair in my hometown and though the traffic was light, the people who attended were those important people we all want to see: BUYERS. From the post show survey it looked like the exhibitors with the higher price points had the best sales.

  • Hi Cindy 1st prayers for DH and what you did was smart life is more important than money. Now for the pop ups from what I have learned is there are groups of artists 10-15 doing this. They are in every kind of setting from back yards to hotels I think what determines where is how many artists and how much money they want to spend. See the beauty of this is the artists are in control and not some promoter. See getting a group of artists securing a place to have it could be possible to create a 4 or 5 times a year event. The one hurdle is advertisement at least for the first couple of events. What I am working on is my Community center and it has one great plus a digital sign. We will open it to any artists and we will be doing what shows use to do is keep it balanced not more than 1 or 2 of the same art. I was going to shoot for this year but just to many hurdles the pandemic, election because sales are always down during a election year and Time is just running out for this year. But I am definitely continuing to work on this to be ready for spring. I am in hopes that is a new direction so promoters aren’t continuing to make more money and deliver less services to the artists. If you ever want to chat or gut questions or advise from something you have found here is my email and phone 414-791-6171
    • Thanks, it sounds very exciting, what you are trying to do.

      My friend and I have been doing some brainstorming this afternoon via fb messenger.  We know it's going to be just us.  But still, we have to get the word out.  We are going to both promote on our fb biz page, share to our personal.  I am also going to make up some 'postcards' (quarter sheet size) that we can split up and hand out, leave in appropriate places--with permission of course, etc.  We are going to do 3 door prize drawings with small prizes.  Then have the most valuable at the end.  We are just wanting to introduce more potential customers to what we are doing and where we're located.  Who knows?  Maybe we will end up doing this 2x/year.  Right now we are taking one step at a time.

  • Jan, when you say they are starting their own pop up, are they doing it solo, say in their yard?  Or are they including other artists?

    We have had all our shows cancel except 2.  One of the two that actually happened was in Mobile, AL in August.  We decided not to go.  I am not sure how it is now but at the time Mobile was a hotspot.  At least that was all the news we heard.  Dh was diagnosed 11 months ago w/cancer.  He is doing well, completed all his radiation in April.  (No surgery or chemo needed.)  We decided due to his diagnosis and dd's underlying chronic health that it was not worth the risk.

    The other show is in November in our home state of Louisiana, the weekend before Thanksgiving.  We are  planning on going.  Not sure how the election will affect the outcome.

    I have a booth in our brick and mortar store.  (Our store sells workwear.)  The booth is at the door and is partitioned off from the main store.  Anyone can go shop or browse during normal business hours.  I do not have to man it.  My attendance in the store has been hit and miss.  However I am working on setting up a part time schedule for being there a couple of days a week.

    The reason for all this is to say that this is the closest I have come to a pop up.  A friend has some of her makings in my booth.  We are in the beginning stages of planning a Christmas open house the first Saturday of December.  Trying to gather ideas, plan sales/discounts--if we have any, refreshments, etc.  Will you be doing something--a pop up--for the holidays?  Will you include others?  Where have you (will you) hold your pop up events?

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