I am taking the plunge and stepping outside my comfort zone into juried shows. I just did my first and it seems that is a better market for my wearable art fused glass jewelry.

I am looking to apply to a few more juried shows in Iowa. Has anyone done Artfest in Des Moines?

I guess I won't know until I try if this is a better venue for me.  I know that local craft shows aren't working. People are shopping for those $5 items and I don't have many of those, except for earrings.


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  • Hi Valarie, "search" on this site -- there has been a bunch of discussion about the DMAF and also ArtFest Midwest. Visit this site: www.callsforartists.com, I think there are several Iowa shows listed there.

    If you want to sell something for more than $5 or $10 you have to spend more and try the juried art fairs. They do cost more to do them but the customers also know they'll be spending more than bottom dollars. In fact, I remember being at an indoor event a few years ago and I heard one customer say to another, "you know there aren't any bargains at these shows."

    • That's why I'm venturing into the juried shows. I made it into the first one I applied to, that gave me a better idea of what I am up against, but I still had people look at some of my work and say, "that's really neat, but not for 40 bucks," hey gotta make a living and pay the bills. I'll check our your suggestions. I just don't know where I fit in at this point. Thanks for the advice!!!!!!!!
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