I'm in the market for light gray seven foot Propanels with all the needed attachments. I need nine of them. I'll probably wind up taking out a second mortgage (HA) and buying them new from Propanels, but if there's anyone within a couple hundred miles of Saugatuck, Michigan with Propanels to sell, let me know this week. I'm gonna take the plunge next week in an effort to get them in before Lake Forest, my next show in early September. I can pick them up in Chicago or Detroit or northern Indiana.

And, if there are some newbies out there that want to get started on a low budget, I've got some serviceable Graphic Display System panels that can be had for a song. And they can be unwired fairly easily if you need them in pieces for ease of transport. They are definitely not "like new" condition, but they work. Email me: jleben@lebenart.com.

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  • I have a set of 9, 38" by 6ft tall oatmeal colored Propanels ifor interested in the St Louis Mo area
    • Thanks, Anthony. I have purchased some already.


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