•  I have 22  30 inch x 7 foot high pro panels so they could do a 10 x 30 booth. There are 18 black ones and 4 light grey. I also have support bars and stiffeners for all of it. There are enough light brackets to cover all the walls. All of it is in great shape. I have tracks and light heads I can throw in at no cost but they are not in perfect shape. I have drapery hooks which are perfect for lighter stuff and cable hangers for heavy items. If you are buying new it comes to $4562.00 and I can give it to you for $2500.00. The only problem is I am in British Columbia so we would have to figure out how to ship and the cost. My email is or phone at 250 337 5886. Thanks




  • Hi.  I have several 7 ft pro panels 38in and 30in

    I'm in San Mateo CA 

    Call or text 








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