• Steph,

    Don't know if you've started making yours or not, but here's a couple of pictures of the ones I made.  As you can see they're totally modular and I don't have any problems with putting my sculptures on them.  These have 14" tops but they could be made to fit your 19" glass ware as well.  They're made from oak.  The sides are 1x10.




    • Wow, Jim, those are nice. That's such a simple solution, too. Thanks for the info, that might be the way for me to go.



  • Steph,

    Are you still looking for pedistals?  I've got the $339 set up from pedistal Express and never used them.  I'm a wood sculptor and ended up creating my own modular ones.  I'd sell the set from Pedistal Express for $200.  I didn't use them due to the fact that some of my sculptures weigh quite a bit and once I got theirs I realized without the 15" base and extra weight inside the base they'd be too unstable for my work.  Here's their site,  The Pedistal Express 1 (pictured in the upper left) is the ones I have and the 15" bases are displayed to the right of them.  Let me know if you're interested.



    • Thanks Jim. I have some big glass display pieces, around 19", and I have the same concern as you. I think I'm going to make some big ones myself. I hope somebody grabs your pedestal offer, though. Those look like they would be really good, and easy to transport.
  • Steph, check out this site for collapsible pedestals -- I especially like the woodgrain ones.  I purchased a couple from a neighborhood store that was going out of business, and I think they are pretty terrific. 

    • Thanks for the link, Elena. They seem like they would be wonderful for indoor shows. I'm in the Northwest, so moisture is a big issue for me. I'd worry that they'd bite the dust with the first rainstorm, with the sides being corrugated. You have to love the light weight, though.
  • Steph - I think I remember who it was that had the pedastals I was thinking of, Shannon from Minter Creek Basketry.  I checked her show schedule, she'll be in Anacortes if you're going to be there, you could check out her displays.  I do remember she did the shows using a very packed mini van.
    • Thanks Ruth, I'll see if I can check her out.
      • Steph - was at a show a couple weeks back with an artist from Sandpoint, she drives a Suburu so is extremely limited on room.  I took a photo of her very clever stands that fold flat.


        • Could you please send the pedestal pictures in a different format?  Thanks, terry,

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