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Hi Everyone - I have been testing out setup with some new equipment - new panels, hangers, etc. and I wanted to start gathering some suggestions to take into account for a setup to get a better booth shot for future applications.  I have gotten some great suggestions from one artist already and would love additional feedback as well. Below is the initial test setup. Based on prior feedback, here are some changes I will make:

  • I plan to remove the folding bins and open up the entrance. I've now got a quick bin that I can mount to the panels and I will put that further back where it will not block sight to other pieces. 
  • I will also remove the corner from the booth and switch back to a plain 3-wall arrangement (I can still use the corner storage arrangement for shows where my booth is abutted on 3 sides).
  • I definitely want to rearrange the pieces and put some of my more attention-grabbing pieces in more visible locations, and perhaps try to make more even aesthetics by hanging same-sized pieces in blocks. 
    • I also want to cycle out some of this work that is older and more cliché shots to make room for more of my newer work, improving the cohesiveness of the set.
    • I'm considering whether I should also add some even larger pieces into the mix. Currently my largest are 20x60 and 24x48 panos and I haven't gone bigger due to ease of transport & setup particularly when I'm solo. I've been able to take orders for a few larger prints based on the images shown, but in looking through others' booth shots I have to say the huge pieces really make big visual impact, so perhaps it would be worth doing a couple of them larger?
  • Possibly add some kind of flooring, at least for the booth shot? I'd be curious to hear thoughts on that and I will scrub the forum a bit to look at flooring suggestions.
  • Minor thing but it bugs me - I want to get a bit of Velcro and tie down the carpet skirts so I don't see them angling in on the sides at the bottom of the panels.

What other suggestions do you have?  Thanks in advance!

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