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Has anyone done the Longmont Art Fair in Longmont, Colorado?  We are traveling to Montana to Montana where we will do the Sweet Pea Art Fair in Bozeman, so decided to try to get another show on the way.  We were accepted to the Longmont Art Fair, July 25-26.  I haven't been able to find out anything about it.  Any information is appreciated.  Thanks, all.

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So the show you are asking about, is it called Longmont Fine Arts & Music Festival at Roosevelt Park 2015? That show is listed in zapp.

That's the one.  Wondered how past participants thought it went for them.  Sometimes the Zapp description doesn't match with personal experience :).

Hi Kathleen,

I am also wondering how this show is goign to go, as I am exhibiting as well. I did another one of their shows in Parker, CO, and it was really dismal. Very thin crowds. No, not crowds, just a few people. It was the first year in Parker, which i wish had been posted in the show info. The show was so bad that 3 booths near me closed early on Saturday, and then broke down and left at around noon on Sunday. Hoping their Longmont goes a little better. I know they've done the one in Salida for a few years and I've heard it's picking up. I was a little put off by the organizers "Whaddayagonnado?!" type of attitude -- if a show is bad, that's when they should be walking the show, talking to people, condoling, handing out snacks/water/etc.. It felt like they were hiding from the artists, honestly.

I guess we'll see! I'll try to find/say hi to you at the show!

Hi Amy,

I just got the information about set-up, etc. yesterday.  At the top of the page it talks about this being the inaugural show.  Like you, I wish that they'd have said something in the application.  We were wait-listed for the Cheeseman something or other show in Denver around that same time, and decided to go for the sure thing.  I'm rethinking now.

I'm looking forward to meeting you. I look at meeting people from AFI as meeting someone really famous!  Must be the fact that you're on line.  I met Nels and Geoff in Florida and I felt like it was royalty.  You've got a lot to live up to.  LOL

Don't get too excited, that was my first ever post on AFI!!

You two are hilarious. Hope you have good times at that Longmont gig. WOOHOO!

This way we'll have a good time regardless of the show:).

That is what a lot of people say about Danna Tullis of Colorado Event Design (search her other shows on here). She has a bad reputation and all she is doing is taking artists money. We should rise up and put her out of business because she is harming all the hard working artists.

Well, we did the show, and I got to meet Amy Sanders (see above), and a lot of other lovely artists.  The venue was great, under a permanent pavilion which shaded the customers, easy load in and out.  The music was varied and good since it was a pleasant back-drop for the artists, not LOUD!  It was a smallish show, about 40 artists, and as I mentioned before, it wasn't until we received the artists' information that we learned that it was the "inaugural" show.  It was about 25% jewelry, with quite a lot of painters (I didn't count painters' booths), but absolutely all of the art was stellar.  Really gorgeous.  Danna called this a very affluent area, but in the immediate vicinity it did not appear to be affluent, and people walking through were not prepared to pay for the quality of art that was there.  Unfortunately, there weren't many people there at all, and I didn't see much art leaving the area.  We talked to Danna about advertising.  She put an item in the local paper, and left flyers around.  She didn't do any radio advertising.  We asked about listing the show in the Colorado Festival Guide, but she said that it was too expensive.  One of our customers said that she had googled things to do in Longmont, and that's how she wound up there.  We barely made expenses until the last hour, then got a $500. opal order which really helped.  Several artists just left after the first day, the traffic was so dismal.  Will we do the show again?  Don't know yet.  We need to cogitate a bit! :)  I thought that all of the artists I met were rock star, just as I thought going into it.  

Dana Tulles called Longmont "a very affluent area". LOL! LOL! LOL! The median family income there is $65K and 15.5% live in poverty. The place is still recovering from the floods of 2013. Sorry you didn't do well. There are better shows to do in Colorado. I dodged the bullet on hers at Sloan's Lake which got rained/flooded out in 2013. Thereafter, I only heard horror stories about her shows. Thanks for posting about this one.

I heard more about the Longmont show at Crested Butte. The person I talked to could not remember the exact number, but it was either 14 or 40 scoops sold for the weekend by the ice cream vendor (in 90+ degree weather and a block from downtown main street). I think you would have to try hard not to promote the show to have those results. I did a google search to see anywhere the event was listed and it is on That says a lot.

Anyone that has done any show run by Danna Tullis/Colorado Event Design, shoot me a direct message with the event you did and when. I am starting to build a list.

Lots of stories about this show. Here's the biggest one.

There was a car show that was supposed to be in the park. They usually drive the cars right up onto the grass. Which is why the art show was in the pavilion. I heard that once the car folks heard there was an art show going on in the park, they MOVED IT somewhere else (not sure where, maybe the fairgrounds?). It seems if Colorado Events & Festivals (CEF) had coordinated a bit better, the car folks could have been informed that we weren't in their way, they could still have their show in the park, and we could have (HUGELY) benefited from that traffic. When the festival was over Sat, we all drove through main street where people were lining the streets, parade-like, to watch all the cars go through. Everyone was on main street. NO ONE was at the park. Everyone was watching the cars, the art show couldn't draw any of those folks over. There was placards on main street with show info, but they didn't seem to do any good.

I'm doing their show at Sloan's Lake this weekend (debated not bothering, but whaddayagonnado), but after that, I'll be staying away from CEF shows for a few years at least.

One more little gripe. Their shows are never listed on the sales tax special event list on the colorado revenue site, which makes paying your sales tax a bit more of a pain. Every OTHER show is always there, ready to click and submit, but not their shows. Makes me wonder what they're supposed to be doing/informing with the state.

Feel free to contact me, I've will have done every show of theirs this year except Salida.


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