ProPanels Setup by MD Enterprises, Light Grey (Atlanta, GA Area)

If you never used ProPanels, it is the time! This setup allows you to do amazing 10x10, 10x20, and 10x30 setups with bonus panels inside the booth! With the ProPanel Extenders, your booth will stand out from other booths!

We are selling this package for $2000 or best offer! (Credit cards or cash, no checks!)

If you need a smaller setup, let us know what you need and we might be able to split this setup.

  • Elegant, affordable, and lightweight way to display artwork.
  • Appropriate for use in any environment – Art Festivals, Trade Shows, Schools, Museums, Exhibit Spaces, and more.
  • Quick and simple to set up and tear down.
  • Incredibly flexible for multiple configurations.
  • Attach to each other using included Velcro straps on the top and the bottom, allowing you to hinge in any direction.
  • Usable display space on both sides.
  • For lightweight and heavy artwork.
  • ProPanel Color: Light Grey

ProPanels is a portable art display panel system for professional artists (art or craft shows) or trade shows exhibitors. All of the products are made with durable materials for years of use. The interior of a ProPanel is lightweight, therefore easy to carry. The steel panel frame is strong, enabling you to hang heavy pieces of artwork. Last but not least, the display surface is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. In short, you can feel confident.

This setup comes with:

15 x 7′ Original ProPanel | Width 38.5" (New: $1800 plus freight)
19 x 20" Extender ProPanel | Width 38.5" (New: $1045 plus shipping)

3 x 7' Original ProPanel | Width 30" (New: $315 plus freight)
6 x 20" Extender ProPanel | Width 30" (New: $330 plus shipping)

2 x Support Bars Long 77" to 144" (New: $100 plus shipping)
1 x Support Bar Short 45.5" to 84" (New: $35 plus shipping)
3 x Banner Bars Long 77" to 144" (New: $180 plus shipping)

10 x Standard Stiffener (New: $90 plus shipping)
3 x T Stiffener (New: $60 plus shipping)
4 x L Stiffener (New: $80 plus shipping)
2 x Special Door Pins (New: $40 plus shipping) Allows using extender over the opening
2 Storage Bags for stiffeners
2 Custom aluminum dollies / carts (New: $1500 / wheels need replacement)
Multiple Gooseneck Clip Lamps

Total Package for us was about $5700 plus freight.

Pickup in Sugar Hill, GA (Outside of Atlanta, GA near Mall of Georgia)
Contact: Peter Tögel,, (864)633-8284



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