• Oh no, missed this, Cindy. I took a wonderful weekend off and went to Stratford, Ontario, to the Shakespeare Festival theatre with some friends. It rained and rained but the company, the b & b and the theatre were wonderful. I'd never seen the Tempest and want to say if you want to feel depressed about family life you must see Long Day's Journey into Night.

    Next up: rebuilding my website Heavy lifting for me.

    • Heavy lifting for you? I thought Larry Berman did your site building?
      Make him do the lifting :-)
      • Nope, Larry does not do my site building. I do it all by myself. Larry has plenty of projects of his own. He's my friend and sounding board on many things though other than social media.

        • My error.


          I had thought he built it for you, some time ago.

          Forgive my misinformation.

          When do you want to build my website?

  • My next show is the weekend of July 14 in Winter Park, CO. Looking forward as on Monday after the show we will spend the morning at Hot Sulfur Springs, CO soaking. In the meantime I am working on 4 new saddles on order and one I am building as time permits. I took down a large dead ponderosa pine for a neighbor and am cutting it up for winter firewood. Whoo Hoo, I'm not going to have to split wood this fall.301684139?profile=original301686554?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024301686949?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

    • Wish I was your neighbor, I could use some of that muscle around here, Dick.

  • I was setting up for a particular show venue, I have. It is a one man show, very lucrative.

    However Mr. Weatherman put a damper on that.

    So I thought I would reach out to a small, one day show, elsewhere, that had wanted me. However, due to me waiting this long, they were full.

    So, shop work and work around the house, whilst it rains outside. 90% probability of Thunderstorms.

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