I am offering my question here because I believe y'all are true professionals at selling at art or craft shows.  I believe I can get serious replies.

Let me start by saying I do shows that usually offer some art but a lot of crafts.  What I sell is on the crafts end.  I do travertine coasters and have a couple coaster holders I distress and otherwise add some color to.  A couple are bought and sold in the original finish.  I find it is an easy up sell to offer the coaster holders as an accessory to the coasters customers are already buying.  Those that are not altered are not eligible for Etsy so they are not on my shop.  My question will be pertaining to my booth at shows.

I have started chalk painting home décor. I do a lot of vases, bottles, candlesticks, etc.  They are made up of a variety of materials ... glass, ceramic, wood, resin, metal, etc.  99% of the chalk painted items are one of a kinds.  They are usually flea market or thrift store finds that I upcycle and repurpose.

Now to my question.  I am trying to boost my sales averages.  I realize one way to do it to the up sells.  For example, the coasters and holders.  My difficulty is finding something I can offer as up sells for the chalk painted items.  I believe this could add a good bit to my end of day total if the right thing(s) are available for up sell.

Do you have any suggestions for up sell additions for my booth at craft shows?  I am including a link to my shop so you can get an idea of what I sell.

Cynthia Welch Designs

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