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I just hung up from another wonderful experience, on the phone, with Flourish.

They are a GREAT ! company to deal with.

I have no affiliation except that I own some of their products.

Their customer service is impeccable.

They database so they know you (the specific artist) equipment.

Quickly diagnose what is needed.

Do whatever they can without causing undue cost.

Savings or extra expense dealing with a different company $ ???

Savings or expense of dealing more local $ ????

Getting the customer service Flourish gives PRICELESS !!!

Others may be good also, however I have no desire to shop around regardless. I could not ask for better.

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I agree totally. They work to try to save the customer money also. I wanted replace my Flourish tent with free-standing walls (doing indoor shows only now) and they worked with me to use pipes and mesh that I already had.

Same here. I remember calling them to order some fittings for a proprietary configuration I was attempting. They looked at their list of what I had and told me, I already had all I needed. They guided me on which fittings would work.

This does not hurt their business. Instead it helps because I don't even consider someone else when I need something. I just call them.

They are great.  The Trimline is worth the extra work to set it up.  I always recommend it because in 20 yrs. of doing shows, it has never succumbed to the hurricane force gales Colorado is famous for, even when my next door neighbors ended up halfway across the parking lot.

Totally agree! A human answers the phone (various people) and never transfer you to someone else. They ask your name and know everything about your set up configuration. Offers suggestions to same you money and gets it to you fast. I started from a recommendation from a friend and have never turned back. Great company and great products.


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