My regular source for very short-run (as small as two or three of the same image) Greeting Cards and Postcards is no onger around.  Can anyone recommend a printing business that offfers Greeting Cards and postcards for shows?  As I mentioned before, one that could handle very short ones (even "onesies" of a particular image) of multiple images in a quality product for a fair price.


For those doing larger runs of the same image (50+), I have dealt with and they have done a great job. 


Thank you for your advice / input in advance.



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  • try going to They are a trade printer only, you will have to qualify, but they have short run and long run capability. Also check out
    • Yes, I use Mpix as well (But I use their parent company more often). Unfortunately, as I stated above, they only offer a minimum of 25 cards of the same image at a time. I am looking for comapnies that could do as low as 1 per image. Also, they are a bit pricey. Even though the quality is great, for such a low price-point item, the quality is negligible and really not noticeable to anyone but us, the artist.

      4Over seems interesting and i sent my application. Thank you.

      Other comments are still welcome.
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