I've been mulling over ways to enter the international market and get European exposure.  Lo and behold, this email arrived the other day and I'm wondering if it's just another scam to part us artists with our dollars in the jury fees or troll for artwork to be used in China.  I find I get a lot of requests for submissions for painting competitions from JAS.  How legit are these, and what do you look for to verify their intent?  Here's the link for the one that piqued my interest for European exposure.  



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  • Gee, Caroline, I see no one ever replied to you on this...but here you go! This one looks suspect, doesn't it? I'd have to say anything associated with JAS is definitely legit. Paul Fisher has deep gallery connections and he would not be representing anything that wasn't on the up and up.

    I am trading emails with someone right now that wants me to do a newsletter for them (looking for artists for a project) and I don't want to be a sucker for another send up for artists again (I guess I was for the Art History Channel thingy) and I'm being very careful. 

    Even though you got no responses for this discussion of yours, I'd encourage you to keep posting on this topic, strength in numbers, making things see the light of day, etc. The numbers of people visiting this site can make a difference in ferreting out the bad guys and the good guys.

    • Connie, I posted a query about the final outcome of that Art History Channel airing, and no one had any responses on that either.   It seems to me that JAS sends a LOT of calls for artists from OPA, almost on a weekly basis, which seems like a lot.  The nature of our profession requires submitting our work for approval with no guarantees and no refunds, no explanations if rejected.  My gut says that there are a lot of less than ethical "promoters" looking to milk this cash cow and swipe our "jury" fees- Art-LInx.com, discoveredartists.com, chART are three that email me regularly.  I've had a few vanity galleries trolling also.  How does one verify a valid call for entries?
      • Not sure on this--- but as I said earlier I'd think JAS would be a legitimate source. Other than that I just "google" away and see if there is any trail or proof that this is not just a "get rich quick" scheme... do research.
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