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I'm doing the Rittenhouse Square show for the first time in September, and only need to light my booth for the last 2 hours on Friday night. I don't need lighting for any other show, so I'd like to spend as little as possible. Just don't want to be sitting in the dark in case this is prime buying time. Any ideas?

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I might have a solution for you.

What is your tent system?

Do you have a battery already?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions Larry. My tent is a Light Dome, and I use their mesh wall hanging system for my framed oil paintings. Here's a booth shot. I do not have a battery.

The Ryobi light might be a good option. Cost less than a marine battery and inverter and you coulde possibly find numerous other uses.

Thanks, Greg! That does look good, at a decent price.

I wanted to know the tent for supporting the lights.

I have some different lighting systems.

I may not have extra batteries though, not sure yet.

I designed a system that should work very well for you.

It is designed to sit hang from the cross supports on a popup type tent.

Appearance: Tends to blend in with canopy top. Looks like White tubes, running along inside of top bars.

Positions: Approx 2' from the side and back wall.

Will give light for all three walls, very evenly.

All LED around the 5500K range.

Draw about 30 Watts DC.

Total packed size with carrier is approx. 63" x 4"  9 lbs (most weight is the carrier)

Assembly takes approx. 3 minutes, start to finish.

Hanging by Velcro can take longer if needed. If you have cross bars it can just lay on them.

Cool to the touch, no significant heat output.

If you have access to electricity, a converter eliminates the battery. (perhaps I can supply a battery also).

I will be at the  Rittenhouse show. I can bring it. And take it back at the end of the show.

I can rent it out cheap. Send me a PM if interested. 


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