Hello All!

Artist here looking to get into the Art Fair circuit!  That means equipment and I don't have any yet!

Tell me what you have!  

Specifically, looking for a 10x10 White Light Dome or Trimline Tent, as well as dark gray or black Pro Panels.

I'm in Kentucky!

Thanks Y'all!


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  • I have a 10' x 10' Trimline in very good condition.  Includes StaBars, 3 awnings, and other extras.  I'm in Rochester NY.  Heading in this direction any time soon? 10548255501?profile=RESIZE_930x









    • No, sorry, we are not heading up north.  Too bad, because this looks like what we need!

  •  I have alot of what you may need (want). :) The only problem is, I'm in St Petersburg, Florida. Send me a private email and I'll give you some details.




    • I am in Florida (Treasure Coast) and I e been looking for knock down pro panels and a sturdy tent (right now I have an abc pop up one). Do you still have anything available?

      • Hey Kristen,

        I don't know if I've previously spoken to you or not, if so, I apologize.

        I have tents (next to new 9' tall), propanels, (full size, not knock down) trailer, lights, chairs, ladders, desks, pedestals, and everything a person would ever want to art shows.

        The only problem is, tents must go first, as I still do indoor shows. Everything is located in St. Petersburg, Florida, and I havn't thought about prices yet.



        personal email:




        Larry Maynard Designs
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