In Memoriam - Vic Barr

Victor "Vic" Barr - JUNE 30, 1942APRIL 19, 2019

Vic Barr was one of those artists who were finally able to get going after retirement, a retirement that lasted 20 years. He was a woodworker, but even more, he was a tireless promoter of the arts and artists in St. Louis, serving in a defining role as a member of the board of the Greater St. Louis Art Assn. The association depended on him and he died suddenly less than 24 hours after a board meeting.

From his page on on what are the best things about art fairs:

The coming together of old and new friends into small and (usually) friendly neighborhoods for the duration of the show, the sharing of experiences, the casual mentoring we do, and occasionally the spectacular sales volume we hope for make the art fair a unique cultural, professional and personal experience.

I met him once at an artists conference that he was running. He was a lovely and generous man with a great smile, someone you'd like to meet again. 

Tribute from the Greater St. Louis Art Assn.

Vic's Obituary

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