In Memoriam - Don Nedobeck. Beloved Artist

I first met Don at the Ann Arbor Art Fair in 1978. My husband, Norm Darwish, and I were his next door neighbors. The AA Art Fairs are four days long and we had a great treat in store for us with Don as a neighbor. He'd probably been showing his paintings and prints for at least ten years by then and we had a lot to learn. I'd guess one of the best things we learned was the importance of your neighbors at an art fair and how they could contribute to the quality of your experience.

Not only was Don a one of a kind with fresh and interesting work, he was very kind to us. He was helpful in teaching salesmanship, display and enjoying the present. At one point he left his booth (and let me tell you those 

1970's were really dynamic years at Ann Arbor, the heart of "the good old days") and stood on the corner of State and Liberty and played his clarinet. We really learned about the lifestyle of the art fair business from him. Over the years we spent time with him and his wife, Liz, and became friends with his son, Patrick. 

Even after we stopped doing shows we'd come across Don at St. James Court or some Florida art fair. He was the featured artist for the last time in February 2019 in DeLand, FL. 

There is a lot to tell ... but here is Don's obituary:

He will be missed.

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  • Don cheerfully personalized his books for my children, nieces, nephews and many friends' children with great whimsy and silliness. They are treasures.

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