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I'm so excited! My first year of trying the Art Fair venue. I've just been accepted to two events! The Green River Rendevouz in Pinedale, Wyoming, and the Nicolaysen Museum's NIC Fest in Casper. Now I've got to wait for the two that I've applied for in Jackson Hole.


Thank you, THANK YOU for this forum. I've picked up so many tips and advise here, especially from Larry Berman, on this whole process. I am eternally greateful.

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Good going, Leslie. Nothing like those first "congratulations" letters. Keep the excitement alive. :)

Congrats Leslie!    I am with you on the THANK YOU THANK YOU's to the folks on this forum. I juried into my first "big" show too and it really is exciting! 

I've learned so much here, and the very best part is that I had an opportunity to share what I'v learned with someone else this past weekend.

Good luck to you this year!



Beautiful work, Leslie.

Do you have a canopy for your booth?

Yes! I have a NIB EZ-Up Tent, 10'x10', but I didn't set it up because of the rough weather going on here in Wyoming. I may have taken a risk, not including it in my booth shot, but from all the discussions with other artists, I take it that these particular shows are mainly interested in seeing that you have a 'body' of work to exhibit beyond the four jury images. Besides, I didn't want to set up the tent, take the photos and then try to crop most of the tent out.

Thanks for the encouraging comments!

I've never done Pinedale, but walked it once, it seems to be scattered all over main street!, another small show that weekend is in Riverton, I've done it a few times and always did well there.

I did the Nicolaysen museum November show and just did so so, but was in a pretty bad spot. I'm also in the summer show and have heard its a good one, I'm looking forward to it.

Your work is great, and you should do well at both shows.

Congrats on the show invites.  Here's to many more!  And welcome to our group.  I am glad that you are enjoying all the wonderful benefits this group has to offer.   Let us know how your shows go.  Good luck.


Jacki B


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