I need a place to rant: I can't tell you how many times I get asked, when I post a piece of my art on Instagram or Facebook, "Is this piece for sale?" I just want to scream, "Did you click the link???"  This question many times comes from a person who follows me on a regular basis, so they see my posts which say: Available on my website...blah, blah, blah.  I have a link on my Facebook page...I have a link in my profile on my Instragram page.  My website is my name, so how hard is it to Google me and simply "click"?  I tell ya!  I just don't understand.  It just seems lazy! 


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  • Does it ever feel too like people sometimes just want someone to "talk to"? 

  • I love it when people ask - I post progression pics so people can follow along and for the past two paintings, when I posted the 'done' pic, someone asked if it was for sale. When I said 'yes' they bought it. So that was two paintings that never made it to the gallery, which meant a bigger cut of the sale went to me. Of course, that would get irritating if it's the same person who keeps asking but never buys. 

  • I can definitely understand why you're frustrated.

    Honestly though, I'd rather deal with some dumb questions and get a sale out of it when I answer graciously, than not have people show any interest at all!

    But I'm just starting out...I can see it getting old after a while :-)

    • Oh, yes.  I always reply sweetly and direct them to the "obvious", but seriously!  lol

      • I work in an office and have to deal with lots of people who don't know how to follow simple directions, or read instructions thoroughly. I've definitely had to smile and bite my tongue one too many times....sigh....lol.

  • 301682500?profile=originalReally sounds like you are doing all the right stuff.

    When I'm advertising an upcoming podcast I tell what is happening, I put the logo in the post (or on the webpage) that includes the words "click here to listen" and I also put link a link that says "Click here to listen." But I still get emails, "how do I listen to the podcast.?"

    I read somewhere some time ago that if you use those specific words "Click here" then that is actually what happens. It would seem those big Buy Now buttons would do the trick though. 

  • For anyone following this, if your website platform is Shopify, and you have an Instagram business account, when you list your art piece you can select Instagram as a sales channel. Then, when you post an image on Instagram you can tag the piece for the exact listing on your website -- the price shows and if they click on the button, they'll be taken to the item. I think it's a cool feature that used to only be for huge business accounts but is now available to all size businesses. 

    • I also have links that back pedal like that: FAA, DPW.  It's sort of like when you are at an art fair, in your booth and you get the folks EVERY time that ask, "did you paint all these?"  You can lead a horse to water....

  • Okay, show me your website and we can critique ... ;)

    • lol.  Connie, I think you get my point with the cute, sarcastic wink.  You basically just showed everyone what I was venting about.  There is a link to my website in every avenue you can find me in online; my Facebook and Instagram pages and the posts, so rather that click the provided links, they say "Is this for sale" when I clearly have "Shop Now" buttons, links to my site and posts that say "Available at http://www.terrieiner.com, etc." with the link right in my post!  My point is I wonder about the online effectiveness when all a person needs to do is click a link or Google the artist.  Is it pure laziness or technology ignorance?

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