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Time to click away on those Facebook likes once again, AFIers. A few minutes here and there and we all benefit.

What does a "like" on your FB page do for you? Clicking and sharing appears on your friends pages which can lead to new discussions, introductions, new friends and relationships that can lead to new business. Even better though is if you "share" information and leave comments and make it into a conversation. FB statistics like that a lot and pushes your info up higher in visibility which brings you more connections!

Recently I was the winner of fiber artist Lena Thynell's Facebook page and received a very cool prize that she was offering to reach 100 Likes, these wristlets:

So just for fun what do you think of this idea for those of you with new Business pages on Facebook:  The 100 "Likes" Give Away Gift?" Does anyone have a fledgling FB business page where they'd like to offer this? a 100 "likes" gift?

Show us your Facebook page, we'll like, share, comment and you can even start a giveaway to drive even more traffic and make even more new "friends."

Here are my Facebook pages: - for AFI - for

. Do you "like it?" Like it and come back here to report in, etc.

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This is a good idea.  I am not sure that everyone realizes how easy it can be to build up their Facebook following and what that can do for their business.

I have been trying to figure out the facebook stuff and it has me entirely confused. How does a person set up a facebook bussiness account page? I guess I am behind the times with these things and what it can accomplish.

It is pretty easy, Greg, and the more you use it (like anything else) the more you get out of it -- connections, friends, business, links, etc. I know artists who don't have websites who have developed their FB following so they post show schedules, news, new work, invites to shows, etc. on these pages. (I though am a firm believer that websites are more important because google searches them and other reasons also. Nonetheless, it is a good supplement. 

I hate to send you to a link, but this is a really quick and easy way to do it and explanation also:

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Simple Steps (Video too).

Please let me know what you find and if you can give this a try.

Thanks for the info and the link Connie. I most certainly need to work on this...the first step is alway hardest but I like the journeys all first steps provide.

I have a business Page:

I have found that posting photos of my work to be the most effective types of posts in terms of engaging my followers. Also, it is very important to participate in other groups that are related to your work and post photos and comments there. I have had a few online sales as a result of the engagement. I have links on my website back to my Facebook Page and I also list it on my business cards.

Greg, it isn't difficult to get a Page started. Just go to any other business Page and you will see a button at the top right that says "Create Page." Click on that to get started. Be aware that once you choose an official name for your page, you cannot change it. The most time-consuming initial task is to choose and format your cover photo and profile photo. Join groups that are related to your work and network! It will take time to get established, but more "likes" leads to more exposure and even more "likes".

I just liked you, Jan, on FB. Thanks for sharing this info.

To emphasize Jan's info, Greg, I found when I started my FB business pages for and that it's a good idea to separate the words (for searching again) into Art Fair Calendar -- that way when someone starts looing for them, they are not going to put in Artfair -- right?

Thanks for restarting this idea Connie :)

My FB page is

Off to like the other ones you've mentioned (if I haven't already!)  Connie, your link isn't working?

(Many days later, Connie checks in with Annette). Hi Annette. I just checked those links and they seem to be working --- I'll see what else may be helping here.

Btw, I do believe we "liked" each other some time ago ;)

Yes, just checking though :)

Alison, I can't seem to get yours to work.  I've tried a search on FB and that only came up with your website.  Has anyone else had problems?

I "liked" you again, Alison.


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